Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stephen Watt, a.k.a. “The UNIX Terrorist,” to Keynote Infiltrate Con, April 11-12 - First Public Talk Since Conviction in World’s Largest Financial Cyber-Heist

 It was the biggest identity theft case in U.S. history - between 2005-2007, 170 million credit card numbers were stolen from Heartland Payment Systems, TJX and other national companies. The operation - known as Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - was led by convicted hacker Albert Gonzalez. But the U.S. Attorney’s Office would later convict former rogue DefCon speaker and Wall Street programmer Stephen Watt of complicity in the crime for writing the packet-sniffing program “blabla” that was used by Gonzalez.

Now, after two years of incarceration in SeaTac Federal Detention Center, a $171.5 million restitution and still on probation, Stephen Watt a.k.a. ‘The UNIX Terrorist’ will be giving his first public talk at this year’s Infiltrate offensive security conference in Miami Beach, April 11-12, 2013.

“We’re happy that Stephen’s lawyer was able to get him approval to keynote at this year’s conference,” said Dave Aitel, CEO of Immunity Inc. and organizer of Infiltrate. “Stephen has a formidable reputation as a programmer and an original thinker, and we’re looking forward to his talk on the criminal justice system as it pertains to com-puter crime. This talk is especially relevant given the recent death of Aaron Swartz, who also faced the same prosecutor as Stephen.”

The title of Watt’s keynote presentation is, “Turning Down an Offer You Can’t Refuse.”

“My talk will be a journey through the legal system; essentially, what to expect if you don’t snitch on your friends,” said Watt. “I’m going to tell people the truth about what it’s like to be prosecuted under today’s computer crime laws - from the overzealous tactics of prosecutors to the near-impossibility of thriving in a post-conviction life. Federal litigation exponentiates fines and sentences by stringing endless amounts of charges together. Most notably, in the case of file-sharing charges. So basically, this talk will cover everything from pretrial, to the courtroom, prison and probation.”

On probation since February 2012, Watt is currently prohibited from using a non-Windows operating system on his government-monitored laptop. He’s also banned from using an iPhone or Android device. “I’m allowed to use a BlackBerry, but they’ve told me ‘there’s just too much you can do on an iPhone,’” he said.

In spite of the severity of his punishment, Watt never benefited financially from his involvement with Gonzalez. While in prison, he also turned down a movie studio offer to option his life story for the big screen. Eric Eisner has since optioned the rights to Rolling Stone’s story on the group, “Hackers Gone Wild: The Fast Times and Hard Fall of the Green Hat Gang.”

Watt remains an opponent of computer vulnerability disclosure and the commercialization of exploit development. He has since developed a passion for discussing matters such as free speech, as well as prosecutorial and investigative tactics as they apply to cybercrime cases.

Stephen Watt’s keynote isn’t the only noteworthy talk at this year’s Infiltrate. Here is a preliminary list of other talks at this year’s conference:

        Chris Eagle – Keynote Speaker
        Esteban Guillardoy - Jurassic Jar: Their World. Our Rules.
        Miguel Turner - Exfiltrate: Efficient Blind SQLi
        Matias Soler - The Chameleon: A Cellphone-Based USB Impersonator
        Alberto Garcia - Enterprise Malware, There Is Always a Way. (DNS/DNSSEC)
        Sergey Gordeychik - Siemens Under the X-Ray
        Ling Chuan Lee and Lee Yee Chan - TTF Font Fuzzing and Vulnerability
        S.A. Ridley and Stephen Lawler - Advanced Exploitation Of Mobile/Embedded De-vices: The ARM Microprocessor
        Josh Thomas - NAND-Xplore -> Bad Blocks = Well Hidden

The conference will also include advanced training classes for professionals:

        Unethical Hacking - Immunity’s most popular class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Windows x86 exploitation by having students write exploits. This class attempts to teach a strategic approach to attack and penetration that goes beyond “penetration testing” to model how a real attacker targets your company. It’s recommended students be familiar with x86 assembler, some reverse engineering, debugging and Windows memory management.
        Immunity Master Class - Fun with modern exploit development and vulnerability discovery techniques. Intermediate to advanced exploit development skills are recommended for students wishing to take the Master class.
        Web Hacking - A favorite among developers as well as infosec professionals, this class focuses on understanding common web hacking techniques by having students exploit vulnerable systems.


Now in it’s third year, Infiltrate ( is an exclusive offensive security conference for the infosec community, focused on advanced hacks, exploits and all things offensive. Organized by Dave Aitel and Immunity Inc., the conference is April 11-12, 2013 at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Past speakers at Infiltrate include Charlie Miller, Andrew Cushman, Thomas Lim, Dan Rosenberg, Cesar Cerrudo and Jon Oberheide.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

South Africa: Mobile Ubuntu - a Unix Powered Smartphone

Mark Shuttleworth, South African IT millionaire and Open Source Champion recently announced and demonstrated the planned release of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system (OS) for smartphones. The Canonical boss revealed that future devices will not only run the new mobile OS, but will also boot the desktop variant of Ubuntu when docked to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. This would mean that you will literally be able to use your phone to power your PC.

It is planned that you would be able to install Ubuntu on most Android devices, and although it is a totally new OS (not just an Android skin), because it is built on Linux in the same way that Android is, there should be no problem installing it on modern Android phones.

Visually the phone interface is very clean and makes no use of permanent buttons, instead the system is totally gesture-based and different functions are triggered by swiping the phone from sides or top or bottom, similar to Windows 8. From an overall design perspective, Ubuntu looks to offer a pretty dynamic home screen experience that's quite a bit different to Windows Phone, Android, or iOS. It's focused more around recently used content - like contacts you've spoken to recently, music you've added, and apps you've used - rather than a static grid of content.

During his keynote address earlier this year, Shuttleworth continually referred to 'emerging' markets as the battleground on which an Ubuntu Phone would fight it out for impact... "It's this sector, the low-end, that the battle for the hearts, minds and hands of the less tech-savvy will take place."

However, while Canonical has plenty of experience hosting cloud-based services and app stores (a major hurdle for new entrants to the mobile space), it doesn't have a great track record in bringing physical products to market that use its software. Hopefully, application developers will take the lead in ensuring a stream of new and exciting applications.

So, although a low-cost platform has appeal for handset manufacturers, there's hardly a shortage of them to choose from right now, with Firefox OS and Tizen being the most recent examples of what can be achieved by fully embracing and supporting HTML5.

An Android alternative

Carolina Milanesi, mobile analyst at Gartner, feels that there is place in the marketplace for an alternative platform to Android.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sr. Unix Administrator (Indians only)

Saudi Networkers Services - SNS Group

Our client is looking for a Senior Unix Administrator having no less than 10+ years experience, IBM P-Series preferably Indian nationals, a 6 month contract extensible based in Egypt.
Package is lucrative and availability should be within a month or so.


Unix Administrator - 10+ years experience, IBM P-Series, clustering experience, managing an environment of 80-100 LPARS, + AS/400 LPARS, Performance and Management etc.

Company Profile

Saudi Networkers Services (SNS) is a Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and IT Consultancy Services Provider, founded in 2001 and has excelled ever since in providing the biggest multinational companies in MENA regions with very high standards of quality service in the recruitment field.

Today, SNS Group is one of the leading consultancy services providers with more than 1500 employees worldwide, ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is highly regarded.