Sunday, September 9, 2012

Enterprise Networking: Centrify Brings Centralized User Management to Heterogeneous Networks

Sold in suite form, Centrify Suite 2012 Enterprise Edition brings several elements together to create a user and system management suite that leverages Active Directory while incorporating Linux/Unix/Macintosh systems into the mix. Centrify's centralized user management helps tame the new security paradigm created by multidevice user access scenarios to servers, applications and endpoint systems in the cloud and on-premises. The product's centralized management screen makes it easy to define roles, groups, zones and other container-level directory elements, while incorporating a single sign-on methodology for end users. With Centrify Suite 2012 Enterprise Edition, administrators can remotely deploy software, as well as enable advance auditing capabilities, transparently to users of Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh systems and servers. Unlike meta-directory synchronization tools, Centrify brings direct integration capabilities, allowing just a single directory to hold all account data, eliminating the need for cross directory synchronization.   

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